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Experience The Power GNUGRID system.

gnuGrid Africa is Uganda based clean-tech social enterprise that is driving the energy transition through data. gnuGrid Africa LTD is reaching a market of solar system providers in Africa, starting in Uganda with a modern PayGo Solution, integrated with hardware that is easy to install as part of any solar array.

Essential to our model is the use of data to de-risk investment in off-grid and on-grid renewables, especially solar. We provide the technology platform for running PAYGO operations and account services.

The PayGo model: Off-grid models of solar panels with batteries and linked to a payment mechanism is well developed as a model, but software as a service models are limited and limiting

gnuGrid Africa, formed out of a collaboration between two experienced entrepreneurs in payments, lending platforms, and solar hardware, is seeking to become the white label system of choice for a range of models across Africa.

We are driving energy transition through data, while facilitating access of the BOP to clean energy

Why We do what we Do

There are 600 million people in Africa, in households without power. In Uganda, over 30 million Ugandans lack access to clean and affordable electricity, Solar power energy has in recent years become the main source of energy for such households in off-grid communities. The solar industry is estimated to be approximately $63 billion and is continuously growing, however the industry is fragmented and soiled with manual means of managing and delivering of solar solutions to off-grid communities. It stagnated by the initial cash investment required by last mile solar users and poor after-sales services. In conversation with our customers in Uganda especially those that are trying to use pay-go and energy sensors, we’ve learned that many companies are unsatisfied by a number of elements of the current solutions:

  1. Many of them are incompatible with each other - they are either tied to a specific solar manufacturer or finance partner.
  2. They are too expensive to get started on - they require a heavy upfront investment.
  3. They do not include features that are considered essential including anti-tampering and integration with all of the payment providers.
  4. Lack of Capital to develop in-house pay go solutions: Building an in-house PayGo system is expensive as it comes with robust information management system designs, development and hardware integration which most emerging and solar companies cannot afford
  5. Defaulters: There is a growing number of customers who purchase solar products on PAYGO and go ahead to tamper with kits, change locations or even change phone numbers with the aim of not paying. These payment defaulters have caused massive losses for solar companies.
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  1. Lack of data on pay-go: A lot of players (investors, policymakers) are interested in the solar market and want to tap into it but data about the market is largely unavailable.
  2. Solar System Overload: When customers buy solar products, they are often given a year’s warranty. These solar panels often have a limit on the load they can carry. However, many customers often use inverters to step up the power of the battery and in the end, the system is overwhelmed by the overload causing it to break down in a matter of months. The solar companies then usually have to replace these panels because they are bound by the warranty hence causing them even more losses.
Quality With Dedication
GNUGRID redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint.
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PayGo Solution

The PayGo solution meets the needs of solar system providers in Uganda for operationalizing their sales....

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Energy Sensing

This is a circuit board designed to monitor tampering and usage and to provide the unlock /lock mechanism standard in PayGo solutions ....

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10 solar companies reached.
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